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Robotic Solutions with Farmer Common Sense

Pilot Program Now Open 

Supporting Poultry Farmers

The upkeep and maintenance of poultry houses is hard work. With continual pressure in agriculture labor markets, Birds Eye Robotics' autonomous robotic solution aims to connect cutting edge technology with farmer common sense.

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Designed with the Farmer in Mind

Birds Eye navigates broiler houses with 20,000+ birds, commercial feeders, water lines and migration fences.


Removal of Poultry Mortality

Artificial intelligence recognizes mortality and removes them with a 90% reduction in labor.


Increase Feed Conversion

Robotic solution encourages bird stimulation throughout the house.  This improves bird wellfare and efficiency.


Improve Bedding Condition

Birds Eye's custom designed treads break up caked bedding to improve the house environment.

Inspired by Farmers

"Birds Eye Robotics was specifically designed at the request of poultry growers to reduce the labor demand and cost"

Founder, Scott Niewohner

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